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Whenever you're considering a new loan, it's important that you are completely familiar with the type of funding that you're applying for. You don't want to be sideswiped by unexpected fees or repayment plans that you simply can't afford. Tiller Title Loans are here to help you understand more about title loans in Startex so that you can get the funding you need in a knowledgeable way.

What Are Title Loans In Startex?

If you're not familiar with what title loans in Startex are, get ready to be excited. Title loans are a type of short-term financing that uses your vehicle as collateral for the loan. Unlike other loans, we don't solely base our decision to lend to you on your credit score.

Title loans online in Spartanburg are available to South Carolina adults who have a free and clear vehicle title in their name. Simply use your vehicle title as collateral for the short-term financing and you can get the money you need. There are no restrictions on how you spend the proceeds from your title loans in Startex.

Completing Our Applications For Title Loans In Startex Is Easy

Obtaining title loans in Startex starts with filling out our online application. It's a very simple process that only takes a few short minutes. We'll need to get your basic contact details so that we can get a hold of you to discuss the loan further. We're also going to need your vehicle information, including make, model, and mileage so that we can determine the value of your auto title loan.

Once we have all of your necessary information, we'll provide you with an estimated loan amount. Be sure to pick up the phone when our loan specialist reaches out to you to finalize your loan. At this point, they'll discuss your income and formulate a repayment schedule that fits your budget. There's no need to worry as we're very flexible with our repayment programs. We want to ensure that you'll be fully capable of paying back all your title loans in Startex comfortably.

Lastly, you'll need to come to our office location. We'll need you to bring your driver's license, proof of income, and vehicle title. Simply sign the final loan documents, give us your title, and we'll give you the money. We'll put a temporary lien on your vehicle for the duration of the car title loan. Once your loan is paid back in full, we'll relinquish the lien and give you back your vehicle title.

Do I Need A Free And Clear Title?

To apply for a title loan with Tiller Title Loans you'll need to have a free and clear title. This is also referred to as a lien-free title. This basically means that no other person or business has the right to claim ownership of your vehicle in the event that you default on your contractual agreement with them.

What Loan Amount Will I Receive?

The maximum loan amount that you can borrow will depend on the value of your vehicle and your ability to repay the loan. We use the Kelly Blue Book Database to run a current market value check on your vehicle. The newer your vehicle, the higher the funding you're going to be offered. Realize that we take the overall condition of your vehicle into consideration as well. Vehicles in great condition with low mileage will receive higher loan payouts. Our loans typically run from a few hundred dollars up to a few thousand dollars depending on the vehicle being used and the ability of the borrower to repay the loan.

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