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If you're going to be driving your vehicle any significant distance this winter, especially up north, then you had better make sure it's ready to do some winter driving. Cold weather means some changes need to be made to your engine such as making sure it has the right fluids in it at the right level. You also may need to have new tires put on it to make sure if you drive on snowy or icy roads it doesn't lose traction. The bottom line is, getting a tune-up at your dealership or a trusted mechanic before you go out driving is always the best idea. But if your vehicle is no longer under warranty and you're in a little bit of a cash shortage to do this, auto title loans in Mauldin, SC might help.

Auto Title Loans In Mauldin, SC Are Realistic Small Dollar Loans

For tune-ups and preventative maintenance on your vehicle, you probably don't want to exhaust your paycheck's savings just to get your vehicle looked at. But you also probably don't want to exhaust yourself trying to get all that extra cash by taking out a second mortgage, or even having to apply for a big $10,000 or $20,000 loan when you only need a few hundred dollars. That's why auto title loans in Mauldin, SC are handy for smaller uses like getting your vehicle tuned up or even having other winter maintenance done on your home. These loans generally allow you to borrow as little as $300 or so and depending on what your vehicle is worth, sometimes as high as $5,000.

Getting Your Title And Calculating Loan Amounts For Auto Title Loans In Mauldin, SC

How do you get the cash from auto title loans in Mauldin, SC? Well the first thing you need to have is your title. The title is a state-issued document that certifies ownership, and if you're still making payments on your vehicle, it will show the dealership or bank as being a lienholder on it. You need to have the vehicle completely paid off and have the lienholder field on the title reading clear in order to get a title loan with it. You will need to bring that clear title with you to the title lender's place because they will hold it while you are using a title loan. But you are allowed to keep your vehicle at your own home and continue to use it.

But your vehicle will need to be appraised and inspected while you're at the store. We have a loan estimate calculator tool you can fill out in our online car title loans in Greenville application to get an idea of what you could borrow. The inspection is to make sure your vehicle is not in jeopardy of suddenly breaking down and to get the final estimate of what you can borrow. Generally a few minor defects found won't hurt your chances of being approved for your title loan.

Age And Income Requirements For South Carolina Title Loans

South Carolina has its own laws in the state that are a little different than other states that allow title loans. Like all other states that allow auto title loans, you have to be at least 18 and have the proper ID to prove it. But you also need to follow the following regulations:

  1. You must have verifiable income you can show to the lender that shows you can repay your title loan
  2. If you can't pay off your title loan completely at the end of its term, you can pay the interest due to renew it another term, but you can only do this a maximum of six times
  3. You can cancel a title loan free of penalty and interest payments if you return the borrowed money in its entirety to the lender before the end of business hours the next day after borrowing it

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