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Taking out a car title loan in South Carolina has some nice advantages for borrowers. For instance, South Carolina auto title loan regulations allow borrowers to repay loans over a four month period if desired. They also allow as many as six renewals if needed. Many states only allow a maximum repayment period of 30 days. A longer repayment period of four months provides the borrower with smaller sized payments that are often more manageable. In addition, each borrower can choose how they wish to spend their funds. The cash from title loans in Highland can be used to repair heating and cooling systems, paint a house, buy groceries or catch up on bills. Much of the loan process is handled over the phone and online, so borrowers don’t have to meet with a lender until it’s time to sign the legal paperwork and pick up their loan funds. Tiller Title Loans works with each potential borrower to find the right loan repayment package for their finances. Learn more about the loan process and how you can benefit from auto title loans.

Looking at the Simple Title Loan Process for Title Loans Highland

  • Tell us you are interested in getting a loan by submitting a free application.
  • Answer a few questions from a loan representative over the phone to qualify for a loan.
  • Meet with us at a loan store in Highland to review a contract, confirm your identification and turn in your paper car title to secure the loan.
  • Collect your loan funds.

What Are the Loan Requirements for Title Loans Highland?

  • A vehicle in running condition.
  • The title to your vehicle, which is free and clear.
  • A source of consistent income.
  • Your driver’s license confirming you are older than 17 for title loans in Highland.

What Is a Clear Title?

A clear title represents that no other parties or creditors have an interest in the vehicle. For example, if a person is still paying on an auto loan, the title loan box would show a creditor’s name. However, if the loan was paid in full, the box would be empty.

If you need to update your title records after paying off a loan, you can take the lien release provided by the lender to a local Motor Vehicle Department to receive a clear title, which can be used to apply for title loans in Highland.

Where Does a Person Apply for a Vehicle Title Loan?

  • Highland loan stores.
  • With a loan representative over the telephone.
  • Online

To complete an application, you provide your name, zip code and a telephone number. In addition, you will need to supply us with the make, model and style of your automobile with the year and an estimate of your vehicle’s mileage.

What Kind Of Advantages Can Customers Expect From the Loan Process?

  • South Carolina has auto title loan laws in place, which may help to highlight the terms of the loan and protect borrowers.
  • Each borrower has the right to choose when and how they’ll spend their cash from title loans in Highland.
  • Loan stores are conveniently located throughout Highland, which can save customers time, gas and hassles.
  • Borrowers enjoy a number of freebies like free applications, no charges for loan interviews, free loan estimates and no fees to pay off loans early.
  • South Carolina title loans online are easier to qualify for without all the red tape associated with traditional bank loans.
  • If you remain current on your payments, you can look forward to driving your vehicle throughout the loan period.

Enjoy hassle-free loan services, nearby loan stores and quick cash from title loans in Highland.

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