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Tiller Title Loans in Dentsville and car title loans Columbia can provide you with hundreds or even thousands today. A car title loan works a bit differently than a traditional bank loan. The loan amount is determined by the amount of equity you have in your vehicle in relation to its current value. You don't need to own all of the vehicle but you must meet some ownership requirements which are determined by the lender. The loan is approved once you're able to produce the vehicle, income information, and the vehicle's title. You'll get to make payments while still enjoying your vehicle.

How to Apply with Tiller Title Loans in Dentsville

Applying for an auto title loan is simple and quick. All you need to do is complete an online inquiry form. You'll be asked for some basic information about your vehicle and your income. Our loan representative then gets all of the details for you and contacts you by telephone. You're also able to apply over the phone or at one of our convenient locations. After you speak with the loan representative, you'll stop by with the vehicle, title, and identification. You'll then be given a final approval amount based on the appraised value of your car. We use national data to determine the value of the vehicle. After that, you'll simply sign the loan disclosures and ask any questions you may have. You'll then drive away with the vehicle and your money. It couldn't be any easier to get the money you want and need.

Other Loan Factors with Tiller Title Loans in Dentsville

In order to be fully approved with Tiller Title Loans in Dentsville, a few other factors come into play. The car title must be clear and free of any other liens. This means that if you've used your vehicle as collateral for another car title loan that's not completely repaid, you'll have to repay the loan first. Tax liens and other types of liens are also common and must be cleared prior to applying. The title must also be in your name. If it isn't, you'll need to resolve this with your local motor vehicles department first. Providing you're paying as agreed, you'll be able to drive your vehicle as much and as often as you'd like. If you're unable to make a payment, the loan term can be extended under the right circumstances. A car title loan is a short-term loan with a repayment period that's typically less than one month.

How Title Loans Compare to Payday Loans and Other Loans

Tiller Title Loans are a more affordable alternative to payday loans. With a payday loan, the maximum repayment period is typically only until your next paycheck. Also, the APR is typically incredibly high and fees can also be charged. This often creates a situation where the borrower is forced to repeatedly take out loan after loan to cover for the loss of income used to repay the initial loan. Credit card cash advances are also convenient; however, they're typically revolving debt that's designed to keep you paying for as long as possible. With a car title loan, you'll have an amortization schedule with a guaranteed payoff date. Bank loans typically offer the lowest interest rates; however, the underwriting can be lengthy and the requirements are often difficult to meet for those with poor credit. An auto title loan is a great middle ground when compared to other types of financing. Simply fill out the online inquiry form and you could get the cash you want and need today.

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